The Texas A&M University System
System Endowment Fund Reports

Welcome to the Texas A&M University System Endowment reports site.

This site is primarily intended for University and departmental business officers of the Texas A&M University system, although the data is publically available.

The data for the reports is provided by Office of Treasury Services of the Texas A&M University System. The data is updated Quarterly.

All endowment assets of the A&M System are invested in the System Endowment Fund (SEF) with the primary objectives of:

  • Providing a continuing and dependable payout, growing in real terms after giving effect to inflation, and
  • Causing the value of the fund to appreciate over time, exclusive of growth derived from donations.


At the end of each fiscal quarter, the payout is distributed, the market value is determined and new deposits are invested in the SEF. This information is available online for each account in various reporting formats.